Dr. Paula Sheedy

Dr. Paula Sheedy

Dr. Paula Sheedy, "Dr. Mom," has been providing quality Family Wellness care to the Quad Cities for over 30 years with a focus on Pre Natal and Pediatric Chiropractic care as well as Nutrition. Children and pregnancy are naturally familiar to her; Dr. Mom graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1986 as a mother of five and added one more shortly after starting her Chiropractic career. Balancing her academics and busy family life was not an easy task, yet she was among the list of Who's Who in American College's and worked as a Campus Guide helping attract future doctors to the school. She has always been her children's #1 fan and she attributes hard work, preparation and chiropractic care helping recover from the many natural injuries quickly to her children's athletic success and overall health. Now with nine grandsons and 2 granddaughter, the excitement will continue for many, many years.

For her personal enjoyment Dr. Mom even joins in on the sporting activities, she has played Volleyball on a team with close friends for over 15 years. She also enjoys cooking large meals (to feed the whole neighborhood at times), baking her special recipe whole wheat bread, and crocheting.

Dr. Mom is always willing to talk with you about your health questions. Call us today to schedule a no cost, consultation to see just how we could help you reach your health goals.

Dr. T.J. Sheedy

Dr. T.J. Sheedy is working with, "Dr. Mom" to provide a full array of family wellness care. Dr. T.J. has extensive experience with athletics and sports performance incorporating this into his chiropractic care. He has a desire to see every athlete unlock their potential and achieve maximum results both on the field and in life.

Dr. T.J. not only helps athletes unlock their full potential but is devoted to Complete Family Wellness care; helping your entire family unlock their full health potential. Whether it would be helping injured athletes get "Back to Action" or helping them achieve their athletic goals through an optimum performing neuromuscular system. This addition complements Dr. Paula's focus and experience with prenatal and family chiropractic care.

Techniques utilized-
Manual Spinal and Extremity adjusting
Flexion Distraction
Soft Tissue Release

Dr. T.J. graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in June of 2008 and St.Ambrose University in 2003, where he participated in Rugby, Football and Track and Field. He also is busy training his own athletes at home, four little all-stars in the making, volunteering to coach his son's football and baseball teams.

Dr. T.J. is always willing to talk with you and try to answer any of your health or performance questions. Call the clinic today to set up a no cost consultation to see just how well you could benefit from our programs.